Printegration is a term that we at Lithographix created to encapsulate who we are and what we do.
We leverage an amazing variety of print capabilities and techniques along with workflows and automation for our clients
to fulfill their needs like no other graphics company in the country.

Our Services



We are brand stewards, whether we design it or just prep and print it.  A commitment to excellence portraying your brand through various print mediums and vehicles.

We have CGI artists as well as a team that can handle photo shoots, ad repurposing and general retouching

There is some automation and the design group is interconnected to every department in the plant.  In this department, Printegration is pure unbridled talent and execution of your vision.

In addition we have a structural design department that works in concert with your design to make it come alive in 3D in-store displays


Preparing and proofing your files for press is still the most important step to insuring we achieve the best look for your product and brand.

There is nothing traditional about the workflows we have designed to keep your projects organized.

We employ and update proofing and plating calibrations regularly to insure the best results on whatever press we need to produce your product on. Color matching between devices is an every day miracle for us. Workflows that enable us to turn proofs quickly and get your project to press.

Proofing on the actual substraight is another great feature of our workflow so there's no struggle trying to match an Epson on press if the job is printing on vinyl for example.








Wrangling all of these different mediums and devices to achieve the very best product for you is no small feat. With automation, we are able to get the right file to the right device, insure color balances and saturation thru technology and maintain your brand.

Try printing on 3 different types of presses anywhere else in the country and expect to see your brand color accurately represented on plastic, paper and vinyl.

It is important in the preparation of a campaign that your brand is accurately represented across all mediums. Your food, your car, the face of your campaign, should all look the same in an in-store campaign. Whether it’s a series of direct mail tied in with a billboard and magazine ads, Printegration by Lithographix champions this.




We have evolved thru the years since 1977. Printegration represents the workflows and automation we employ but it also stands for our concepts of best practices for our clients.
Just in time inventory, print on demand, storefronts, workflow automation for personalization just to name a few. We don’t simply look and a single job, we want to understand your entire print usage from billboards to direct mail, from brochures to envelopes. We design programs that help reduce obsolescence while at the same time trying to achieve the very best cost per piece.


Our warehousing and fulfillment supports Programs and allows us to store, pack and ship materials for you, just in time and to even store your materials for future packouts

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