Make It Personal with Targeted Direct Mail

Beyond email and social media Targeted Directed Mail is the best way to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.  Personalization is the key to success.

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You would be surprised at the power of a single message on a postcard, as small as 4 x 6 and as large as 6 x 10.875


Letter Mail

Letter Mail can be a #10 envelope, 6 x 9 envelope or a brochure as long as it is under 3oz and 6 x 10.5"  You'd be surprised how much content you can pack in but remember the key is leveraging data to include personalization



Any book bigger than 6 x 10.5 and over 3oz falls into this category.  If you have a broad range of products we can setup a cost effective way to promote them


Every Door Direct Mail

Imagine Targeting a Region or Certain Demographics

The USPS features an amazing set of tools that allows you to reach entire neighborhoods or select some basic demographic information to more accurately target your desired audience, without having to buy a list!

It's All About Relationships

A strong direct mail campaigns begins with a thoughtful integration of people and technology. Lithographix leads the way with a highly integrated set of design-to-delivery printing services. Our proven track record as the largest privately-owned printer in the West Coast gives our clients the confidence to acquire and retain customers through our Targeted Direct Mail programs.

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